Revolutionary Earth Farm

The heart of Revolutionary Earth is the “Farm,” which is what we call our garden plots scattered throughout the city. We consider them one urban farm with common investors, owners, and a volunteer labor union. 

The mission of Revolutionary Earth Farm is to improve the food sources for all living things, from microorganisms that live in the soil, to plants, pollinators, and people. Our vision is to feed everyone in the city with food grown in the city.

The plots on this farm are all at least 1000 sq. ft. and generally grown as row crops, though we do have some large raised beds. We maintain this farm because we want to insure that we grow a steady supply of fresh produce for the very poorest in our community: the homeless, the disabled, the very young and the very old, any one who lacks the means and/or access to good food. Here’s how our farm works:

We have gathered interested homeowners, called “stewards," who want to convert their backyards into small-plot, high-intensity farm plots.

Our volunteers aid the stewards in tending our crops.

Our stewards and volunteers pack produce into weekly boxes.

We distribute most of the produce to needy families and individuals in the area.