Every lawn we transform into garden is an outpost for liberty and compassion in the city.

We are quietly inciting an insurrection in Rochester against food scarcity, against environmental degradation, against disconnection and community dysphoria. The weapons of our warfare are the trowel and the shovel; we are a peaceful revolution. The heart of Revolutionary Earth is the “Farm”: what we call our garden plots scattered throughout the city. We consider them one urban farm with common investors, owners, and a common volunteer labor union. The mission of the Farm is simple:

Eliminating food scarcity and insecurity by transforming lawns into gardens.

The Farm is the union of donated backyards and common areas that have been transformed from lawn into gardens and habitats. The purpose of the Farm is to eliminate food scarcity and insecurity for all living things, from soil organisms, to plants, pollinators, and people. The model is to accept existing gardens or lawns that can be turned into gardens. Sites are either open to volunteers or part of our Garden Partner program, which are tended by the donor and his own family or friends. Produce is harvested and distributed to food-insecure subscribers in a weekly, CSA-style home delivery service that runs the entire growing season. The long-term goal of the Farm program delivery service is year-round weekly home delivery.

Revolutionary Earth

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