The alliance We’re more than just a Farm. We’re an Alliance of volunteers and donor-activists united against scarcity and waste.

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"What else do you need?"

When we asked this question of our subscribers, we realized that lack of good food was just the beginning. They let us know how much they were going without; how much scarcity they were experiencing. For us, that means that we can't stop with fresh, hyperlocal produce. We have to transform the ecosystems of our subscribers until they reach equilibrium, a state of balance in which every member of the household has the power to thrive because she has the resources she needs to be healthy and whole.

Fresh bread, milk, eggs, seasonal fruit, butter, cheese, honey, soap...

And that's just the start. In 2020, we partnered with local businesses to bring farm-fresh milk and fresh-baked bread to our subscribers for four weeks of the season. This year we’re doubling the number of weeks of Alliance delivery and adding eggs, cheese, butter, Concord grapes, apples, honey, soap, and household items. We don’t plan to stop with supplementary food items. Our goal is to continue sourcing more and more of the resources that our families need to thrive. We will curate supplies for the needs of each household: a new jacket for a 6 year-old girl, a blender, and a bus pass for one family, a new bike, diapers and a crib for another family. Being an activist in the Alliance will mean joining a community that works directly with our subscribers. Ultimately, we aim to eliminate material scarcity altogether, creating a balanced and healthy family system in each of our subscriber households so that our people can heal from the effects of scarcity.

A chance to form an ecosystem

Even more than material support, our vision is to offer a chance for our subscribers to contribute to the movement, to join the revolution. We’re building a movement in which there is no distinction between the activists who contribute out of an abundance of time and energy, and subscribers, now living in family systems that have achieved equilibrium, who feel empowered to show compassion to others who suffered food insecurity as they had. What we offer, in the end, is a chance to form an ecosystem, one in which everyone supplies and is supplied what they need to flourish.

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Revolutionary Earth

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Join our volunteer labor union, getting your hands dirty on our farming collective or working behind the scenes to lead and organize.


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