The Revolutionary Food Alliance

The Revolutionary Earth Alliance is powered by our Farm. It is what happens when we ask our food-insecure subscribers, “What else do you need?” We’ve seen the power of beginning to eliminate food insecurity for the households we serve, and we want to capitalize on the opportunity to invest further in the lives of our disadvantaged members. Here’s our plan to expand what the Alliance does:

Phase 1

Local Union Options

Along with vegetables and fruit from our gardens, our subscribers have requested local dairy products, farm-fresh organic eggs, fresh baked bread, and seasonal fruit. We are working with local businesses to begin supplying our subscribers with these items on a regular basis, and we need Alliance members to procure these items and coordinate delivery while also handling logistics.

Phase 2

Household Items

Our subscribers also indicate the need for basic necessities like toiletries, household items, small appliances, diapers, baby formula, and so forth. We are working with other charities in the area to expand our capacity to respond to our subscribers’ needs, but we need Alliance members to put in the time to make this happen. We’d like to make sure each produce box also has a personalized supplementary box included with such items nearly every week.

Phase 3

Cash Advances, Gift Cards, Bus Passes

Sometimes a simple infusion of cash can work wonders in the household economy of a marginalized family that lacks the resources to be more successful. We’re committed to sourcing donations of gift cards from local businesses, bus passes and money for taxis, and micro-loans to pay for education, down payments, moving expenses, etc. Again, it is our Alliance members that must rise to the challenge of responding to these needs.

Contact us today about joining our Alliance! If you volunteer for Revolutionary Earth Alliance activities in excess of fifty hours a season, you are eligible to receive a full CSA share of weekly produce from Revolutionary Earth Farm.

Revolutionary Earth

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Be a farmvolunteer

Join our volunteer labor union! We host volunteer events at our farm plots and accept a certain number of volunteers on to some of our farm plots.


Be asupporter

We need in-kind donations of soil, compost, hand tools, small-scale farming equipment, deer fencing, tarps, landscaping fabric, and running, serviceable vehicles (pickups and cargo vans). Consider making an in-kind donation today. We are also in constant need of more funding to keep our operation going. A monetary donation pays for the next crop, helps us buy new equipment and supplies, and pays our operational expenses. Consider becoming a permanent supporter!

Be a steward

We are no longer considering new garden stewards for this growing season, but we can convert your lawn into a cover crop of clover or alfalfa and you can become a fallow steward.

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