Welcome to Revolutionary Earth! We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to ecosystem restoration in the Rochester area.

What’s the problem with our food system?

35 - 40 million acres
of lawn maintained in the U.S.
journey for produce from field to store
80 billion pounds
of food is thrown out every year
40 million
food-insecure households in the U.S. 

The problem is that we grow an inedible crop in our backyards while we wait for fresh produce to travel thousands of miles from two counties in California, decomposing along the way, so that we can throw out 15% of our food while 1 in 10 of our fellow citizens don’t have enough to eat.

Our Impact in 2021

We deliver produce grown in backyard gardens within Rochester directly to the front doors of food-insecure families, every week during the growing season, for free.

volunteer hours
farm locations
pounds of produce
weeks of delivery
households served
children fed
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