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The latest numbers are out: in Olmsted County, almost half of what we throw in our garbage is organic material (food and yard waste), destined for the incinerator, where it's burned up and released as CO2, or the landfill, where it putrefies and releases methane and other harmful greenhouse gases. What a shame that all this great material is being wasted, when it isn't "waste" at all!

Luckily, there's a Revolution beginning in Rochester, one that begins with the Earth herself as the first Revolutionary! Join us as we launch the Compost Commonwealth, Rochester's first compost pickup and exchange service.

The process is simple:

  1. Signup to be part of the Commonwealth. If you're located within one of our pilot neighborhoods, you'll be eligible to participate in the compost pickup service.
  2. For a monthly fee, we'll deliver a four-gallon plastic bucket with a lid, compostable bag, and filter, to your front door.
  3. Fill it with your leftover food scraps and other organic material.
  4. Put your bucket out on the curb or at your front door the next week and we'll return to exchange it for a clean bucket. Skip a week if you're on vacation or just don't have any food waste.
  5. Participate in yard waste collection events throughout the season, enlist your neighbors to join the Commonwealth, and sign up for long-term pickup, all to receive discounts on your service.

If you're not in one of our pilot neighborhoods, you can still participate in the Commonwealth by being part of the Exchange. Start a new compost pile in your own backyard with our help or list a pile you've already got cooking on the Exchange. Accept donations of organic material from your neighbors and grow good compost for your own garden! Don't have space or the inclination to build a compost pile? Contribute to a neighbor's pile by delivering compostable material to a nearby site within the Exchange. Revolutionary Earth supports the Exchange with education and oversight, ensuring that more organic material gets treated as gold and not garbage!

Material from the pickup service and from select sites within the Exchange is delivered to organic farms in the area or community garden sites, where it's turned into compost that helps us grow vegetables for low-income people on Revolutionary Earth Farm. You can be confident that your food scraps aren't just avoiding the landfill, they're being turned into the fuel that powers a community movement for food justice!

We're currently taking applications for our Compost Commonwealth, coming in early 2020. Sign up today to get updates and be placed on the waiting list to receive service in either by pickup or exchange.

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