The alliance Be more than just a monthly donor. Join a community of donor-activists eliminating food insecurity in Rochester, Minnesota.

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The Revolutionary Earth Alliance offers a new opportunity to become part of our network of donor-activists, a passionate and highly-invested group of monthly givers who help eradicate the effects of scarcity for our subscribers.

"What else do you need?"

When we asked this question of our subscribers, we realized that lack of good food was just the beginning. They let us know how much they were going without; how much scarcity they were experiencing. For us, that means that we can't stop with fresh, hyperlocal produce. We have to transform the ecosystems of our subscribers until they reach equilibrium, a state of balance in which every member of the household has the power to thrive because she has the resources she needs to be healthy and whole.

Fresh bread, milk, eggs, seasonal fruit, butter, cheese, honey, soap...

And that's just the start. In 2020, we partnered with local businesses to bring farm-fresh milk and fresh-baked bread to our subscribers for four weeks of the season. The Alliance is, first and foremost, a group of financial supporters who ensure that Revolutionary Earth can provide supplemental food items and other material resources to our subscribers. But we don't stop there. We curate supplies for the needs of each household: a new jacket for a 6 year-old girl, a blender, and a bus pass for one family, a new bike, diapers and a crib for another family. Being a donor-activist in the Alliance means joining a community that works directly with our subscribers. Ultimately, we aim to eliminate material scarcity altogether, creating a balanced and healthy family system in each of our subscriber households so that our people can heal from the effects of scarcity.

A chance to form an ecosystem

Even more than material support, our vision is to offer a chance for our subscribers to contribute to the movement, to join the revolution. We’re building a movement in which there is no distinction between the activists who contribute out of an abundance of time and energy, and subscribers, now living in family systems that have achieved equilibrium, who feel empowered to show compassion to others who suffered food insecurity as they had. What we offer, in the end, is a chance to form an ecosystem, one in which everyone supplies and is supplied what they need to flourish.

All it takes to join the Alliance is a recurring monthly donation.

When you give monthly to Revolutionary Earth, you'll automatically be signed up for the Alliance. If you prefer to give monthly without any other commitment, we understand! It may not always be possible for our supporters to engage in Alliance activities. But, if you want the opportunity to invest personally in the life of a disadvantaged family, even if it's from across the country or across the globe, then make a recurring gift now. An Alliance officer will contact you with the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of material items are we helping to find for the subscribers?

We work with other local nonprofits, businesses, religious communities, and community groups to find material resources that are available for our subscribers. Our online clearing house sorts through these opportunities, and Alliance teams coordinate what their subscriber households need with what’s available. Our Farm already runs a delivery service, which is how these items make it to our subscribers.

What if I just want to donate monthly and don’t want to participate in the Alliance?

No problem! We are grateful for your invaluable financial support! Not everyone is in a position to help out directly right now, especially given these extraordinary times. We’ll keep the door open for you to participate if ever your situation changes.

What if I’m not local? Can I still participate in the Alliance?

Sure! So much of what the Alliance does happens behind the scenes, and we can use your talents no matter where you live. There are volunteers from other states and even other countries who are vital to our movement.

What if I want to join the Alliance but don’t want to give monthly?

If you’re local, there are a lot of ways you can volunteer with us. Peruse the rest of our website and discover how you can help. The Alliance is a union of people who are committed to supporting our subscribers with monthly donations. Any amount, even $1/month, gains membership into the Alliance.

$70/month funds an individual or a small family. $140/month funds a large family. Give whatever you can monthly to join the Alliance.

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