Imagine you live in a major city, but in that vast expanse of buildings, there's not a single restaurant, grocery store, or gas station. Not even a single vending machine in sight! That's what our lawns look like to pollinators! A well-maintained lawn is laced with chemicals and lacks any of the food or water sources that bees and butterflies need to flourish. Revolutionary Earth is dedicated to rebuilding an interconnected, regenerative urban ecosystem from the soil up. Our friends, the bees and the butterflies, are a vital part of our Revolution, since they do the irreplaceable work of pollinating our crops! If we feed our insect workers, they reward us with food that we can eat.

In recent years, especially in the state of Minnesota, there's been a growing recognition of how detrimental many of the practices of the agricultural sector are to the lives of pollinators. Our state has begun funding efforts to re-establish habitat for pollinators, and we at Revolutionary Earth intend to be part of these efforts. We plan to build public installations of native flower habitat in the urban space of Rochester and to expand the amount of space we reserve for flower habitat in our backyard gardens. We're also committed to growing flowering cover crops like clover to increase the supply and diversity of food sources for bees and butterflies.

If you are interested in helping build this aspect of our mission, please contact us. We are currently looking for volunteers to join our Flower Power team, the special group of volunteers whose job it is to ensure we have flowers blossoming all season for our pollinating friends, install houses for mason bees, and grow and maintain our cover crops.

Revolutionary Earth

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Be a farmvolunteer

Join our volunteer labor union! We host volunteer events at our farm plots and accept a certain number of volunteers on to some of our farm plots.

Be asupporter

We need in-kind donations of soil, compost, hand tools, small-scale farming equipment, deer fencing, tarps, landscaping fabric, and running, serviceable vehicles (pickups and cargo vans). Consider making an in-kind donation today. We are also in constant need of more funding to keep our operation going. A monetary donation pays for the next crop, helps us buy new equipment and supplies, and pays our operational expenses. Consider becoming a permanent supporter!

Be a steward

We are no longer considering new garden stewards for this growing season, but we can convert your lawn into a cover crop of clover or alfalfa and you can become a fallow steward.

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