Compassion Corps Program Join a dedicated team of volunteers who commit to return to the gardens at least once in the season

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Join the Compassion Corps.

Gardens are like relationships. They take time, effort, attention, and hard work. We love to invite our community out to large events on our Farm, but gardens need weekly and even daily tending to thrive. Our lead farmers oversee the work of keeping our Farm functioning, but we need individuals who can commit to a few hours of volunteering over a discrete period of time in the season. It helps create the foundation of consistency that ensures that our gardens flourish and that we can be a reliable force for good in the lives of our subscribers.

Here's How the Corps Works.
  1. Indicate on the form below how many weeks (up to six) that you plan to volunteer in the gardens (they don't have to be consecutive weeks). Tell us about how much you'd like to volunteer in a week on average.
  2. We'll contact you to put you in touch with the lead farmers. You'll meet up with them in the gardens for an orientation.
  3. The lead farmers will work with you to find times that work for you to volunteer in the gardens. We work around your schedule.

Someone will contact you soon with the next steps.

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