Revolutionary Earth Alliance

The Revolutionary Earth Alliance is what happens when we deliver the produce boxes to food-insecure subscribers and ask, “What else do you need?” We plan to offer not just produce, but other vital, everyday items, such as fresh bread, milk, eggs, seasonal fruit, butter, cheese, honey, soap, all from local businesses. Then we will add material resources curated to the needs of each household: a new jacket for a 6 year-old girl, a blender, and a bus pass for one family, a new bike, diapers and a crib for another family. Ultimately, we aim to eliminate material scarcity altogether, creating a balanced and healthy family system in each of our subscriber households so that our people can heal from the effects of scarcity.

Be more than just a monthly donor. Join a communityof donor-activists eliminating food insecurity in Rochester, MN.

Join the Alliance

But more than material support, we want to offer a chance for our subscribers to contribute to the movement, to join the revolution. We’re building a movement in which there is no distinction between volunteers who contribute out of an abundance of time and energy and subscribers, now living in family systems that have achieved equilibrium, who feel empowered to show compassion to others who suffered food insecurity as they had. What we offer, in the end, is a chance to form an ecosystem, one in which everyone supplies and is supplied what they need to flourish.

When you join the Alliance, we ask you to commit not just to recurring financial support, but to joining a team of fellow supporters who work together to ensure the needs of a specific subscriber family are met. You’ll work with this family through our organization. At first, you’ll just help to source material goods through your own personal networks. Over time, you’ll have an opportunity to build relationships with each other that will enrich the team and the subscriber family.

All it takes to join is a recurring monthly donation of $7 or any multiple of 7. In other words, if you can afford more than $7 per month, make it $21/month or $49/month or even $70/month. As long as it’s a multiple of 7, we’ll know you’re asking to join the Alliance.

We’ll “bundle” our donors together into teams. A total of $70/month supports a small family of 1-2 people, a total of $140/month supports a large family. Consistent financial support guarantees that we can continue to run our Farm and purchase supplementary food items (bread, milk, eggs) from local suppliers. You and your team working together guarantees that we can do much more. Together we can eliminate scarcity altogether in the households of our people and build a better, more just and compassionate ecosystem.